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civilization is also inheritting of culture

Le 9 August 2014, 05:11 dans Humeurs 0

Gram thunder ·Gao Deng Shuo, "we most hope that the social order that support is to carry out a stability peace, the aim volunteer spirit to match social civilization of mankind, can push society peace."The forum thinks that the ecosystem civilization is much more than simple social low carbon, environmental protection to initiate, the ecosystem civilization is also inheritting of culture and innovates.Many civilization thoughts and ecosystem philosophy contain in traditional culture, the youth has to ownly be worth of and take in the environmental protection.The youth isn't only only the kid who is full of intense emotion and idea spirit, the youth vanguard is real of the value lie in, not only only is a social pillars in the future, also is a social vanguard nowadays, is the tradition of cultural ecosystem.This youth vanguard forum has already come from the United States, England, Taiwan and Hong Kong and more than 100 local youth guests to take part in.Yesterday, the heat wave inheritted a person, Chongqing's maximum temperature 40.1 ℃ nike roshe run slip online.According to city meteorological station forecast, start a rainfall today, the day after tomorrow lord city's maximum temperature only 28 ℃ .Whether you believe, this weather is like the face of doll and says to change and then change.This is just hot for three days, Chongqing jumped a claim a national heat ranking.The national heat placard of yesterday 5:00 p.m. is single front 10, Chongqing took eight seats, another two sides were that the Yi of Yunnan is goods and Fukien together Anne.Yesterday, whole cities in addition to south Chuan

, City, You sun outside, rest area county tallest air temperature all in above 35 ℃ , the 13 among those areas county is more than 38 ℃ .Open a county to break 40 ℃ for the very first time, reach to 40.1 ℃ , the row whole city heat first, the lord city contains 39.3 ℃ .Front segment time, everyone at complain of postponing continuous rain of Mian when stop, at this time, the sunlight came drive hot must not go.Good news BE, since today a rainfall, rise now all pleasantly cool for three days, there is short time in the partial region strong convection the weathers, such as strong wind and hail...etc..On the 11~12th, the tallest air temperature will descend 8 ℃ everywhere or so, the heat temporarily leaves.On the daytime of the 10th, reporter, Zhu Juan, from evening newspaper in nike fs lite run ukChongqing's weather forecast's Yangtze River follow line and with north cloudy turn thunder shower, in the part rain arrive heavy rain, thunder-storm the companion has the ground in bureau the strong wind and hail, the rest region is cloudy to turn cloudy day;The big department is air temperature 25 ℃ in region~38 ℃ ;City and 21 ℃ in the southeast~35 ℃ ;Lord city area:Is cloudy to turn thunder shower, 28 ℃ ~34 ℃ .From the nighttime of the 10th to the daytime of the 11th, medium rain in the western and northeastern region arrive heavy rain, partial rain-storm, the rest region cloudy day has shower;The big department is air temperature 22 ℃ in region~34 ℃ ;City and 20 ℃ in the southeast~33 ℃ ;Lord city area:Medium rain, 25 ℃ ~30 ℃ .From the nighttime of the 11th to the daytime of the 12th, central part in Chongqing and northeast

The department has medium rain arrive heavy rain, partial rain-storm, the rest region light rain arrives medium rain;The big department is air temperature 21 ℃ in region~30 ℃ ;City and 19 ℃ in the southeast~26 ℃ ;Lord city area:The light rain arrives medium rain, 24 ℃ ~28 ℃ .Play mahjong yesterday in water, at the foreigner street is inside the aquatic park, everyone is matchless cool.Originally put 4 mahjong tables inside the swimming pool, the visitor is dressed in swimsuit swim trunks to sit to nike free tr fit 2 cheapplay mahjong in Shui-li.(is like diagram)Water at the right moment floods into a chest.Play mahjong who win, splash water to make fun toward the other party, the whole match laughter inside the field is repeatedly."123, throw!"A group of persons raise middle age man, Gao Gao, who is dressed in black shorts and throw into water and start to splash a built-up water flower in the laughter.Originally this man obtained this game champion.Aquatic mahjong game representative director, Mr. Yang, tells an evening newspaper reporter of Chongqing, in consideration of some not that naughty aquatic facilities to citizen, front day then at super the facilities flying Tan amusement established 4 mahjong tables beside."As long as being the visitor who plays in the park, all free play mahjong at any time."Mr. Yang said that planned Monday to Friday afternoon, hold a mahjong game every day, the champion could acquire the aquatic paradise admission ticket of 60 dollars of value on that day 10.Medicine department university professor of Chongqing teach you how the health go to summer resort to eat more sour heat

show of a great breadth of view

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Deepen comity"wait four concrete viewpoints and assertion, publicize China to leader to set out the great strategy choice of making from the history and the reality;Embody China to leader decision to break with the traditional regulation that the great country conflict resists and found a big country to relate to politics of developing the new mode to take.A year ago at this time, Xi near even chairman and American president Obamas hold "do not tie" in scenery in California, the United States beautiful Anne the Na Bo Ge's manor of historic meet with, reach the consensus of "not the conflict don't resist, mutual respect, cooperation totally win", Be nike free run 2 menstogether concentrate on setting up a Central America new big country relation, relate to establish keynote for Central America new big country.Today, chairman Xi again reiterates the famous saying that he once was extensively read:The Pacific Ocean of comprehensiveness has enough space to accept Central America two big countries.Make a show of a China cultural Ren, and of essence;Make a show of a great breadth of view, structure and form with profound visual field.Though the China-U.S. relations often appears some difficulties unexpected obstacles even, only press chairman Xi say:Central America both parties"strengthen dialogue, increase letter to release Yi, promote cooperation, ensure that the China-U.S. relations always doesn't deviate to set up the orbit that the new big country relates to."In firmly standing by the foundation of important consensus that two country's head of states reach, expel interference, strengthen to whet

Match, the secure place disagrees, the China-U.S. relations can definitely develop continuously and forward, while this will make the whole world make a profit.(The country is even)win new net Guiyang on July 10 give or get an electric shock(Yang Yun) on the 10th, ecosystem civilization international forum youth vanguard cent forum in Guiyang holds in international ecosystem meeting center in Guiyang.Ecosystem civilization international forum youth the vanguard cent forum in Guiyang aims at building a platform of inter-disciplinary exchanges for youth in the world.Around the forum"volunteer service sets up with the social order" discussed three subjects:Wishes service has in the contemporary how of development process, youth in the middle of constucting ecosystem nike free 5.0 v4 ukcivilization and setting up harmonious and social progress how"dare for the world is first", how develop wishes service is to the function that supports social order and pushes a social development.Famous cultural scholar, the Normal University professor of Peking, Doctor gives birth to a tutor at the Dan, Hong Kong elite meeting chairman of honor, whole country green allied often Wei Hong is people, United Nations wishes personnel organization country don't item officials, Chen Xin Yuan, , the British the exchanges center of the teenager of the government carried out a superior at first cloth Lai gram thunder ·Gao Deng, in 2004"touched China" annual person, Chinese volunteer association pair president of association, totally green department minister in Wei school in regiment Hubei province slowly guest attendances like this Yu,etc.President Zheng Qiang of the university in Guizhou serves as a forum to manage.At

On the forum, speak contentedly at the Dan, kept a consistent characteristics of poem for having philosophy, the language style of flowing freely benignity, emotion nature, lead a present expert, scholar and the entrepreneurs to study and discuss a responsibility of youth to cultural ecosystem and take together.Youth why have to take, gave at the Dan an answer, "the social ecosystem want to nike free 4.0 v2 mensinternationalize to keep up with, also want to inherit to be Chinese traditional root of culture, the youth is cultural ecosystem tradition, is also a creator.So the ecosystem civilization inquired into by us is from the value beginning of youth.The youth is a kind of attitude, the youth is probably 1 kind, be more and more Chinese youths can stand on the ecosystem culture, wishes to offer this idea point of departure up, so, know the line unites as one from our ideas to our activity and comes to hand heart from the heart and hold in our hand of is our beautiful China, is a youth of fine future."United Nations wishes the personnel organize country don't item officials, Chen Xin Yuan, think, " wishes service can allow people to have no race of open heart, each other trust, promote understand, can help others to acquire value, let oneself share growth, for setting up of social order positive effect."The British the exchanges center of the teenager of the government carried out superior cloth Lai at first

resist are disasters to two countries

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China-U.S. relations keep on health stable development exertion aggressive push function.(Reporter, Yang Yi Jun, , Wang Di)July 9, the sixth Central America the strategy and economy have a conversation, the fifth Central America the humanities communicate that the consociation opening ceremony that key figures negotiate holds in Peking.The Chinese President Xi near even attendance opening ceremony combines to address.Xi near even chairman of importance talk, infused into a new contents for this dialogue, made Central America the annual strategy and economy of two countries have a conversation, humanities exchanges the key figures negotiate to be fully focused attention by people of this world.Chairman Xi points out:"Central America the cooperation can do into the important event with is advantageous to two countries and world and Central America resist are disasters to two countries nike free 3.0 v4 cheapand affirmation in the world."How correct know, appropriate processing, and support the relation of of developing the big country, is the challenge and examination that leaders strategic taste, political intelligence and diplomacy skill to the big country.Set up a Central America new big country to relate to is also an unprecedented and empress the business of the Qi the future, having no ready-made experience and mode can shine on to move and need a big country to leader to expand innovation.All peaceable people in the world all expect that the big country leaders to have enough political intelligence and leads to lead the big way that the great country relation doesn't deviate to cooperate to win more.Central America two countries is nowadays in the world the most important two nations.Two countries through

Help a total amount to have world 1/3, population to have a world quarter, trade a total amount to have 1/5 in the world.In recent years Central America two developments of country relations, the pleased sorrow is half.On the other hand, Central America the key figures meet with contacts keep on continuously, each layer dialogue communicates to continuously strengthen, is shoulding push forward further to the cooperation of weather variety, and new energy development...etc..Both parties' economics and trade relationship keep on steady development, the bilateral investment protects a pact negotiation into a materiality stage.BE Syria turning force crisis, Iran pit negotiation, dynasty the pit etc. both parties to also carries on a good cooperation in the middle of the asics gel quick 33 onlineinternational problem.Particularly well worth mentioning BE, two soldier relations as a weak China-U.S. relations links are shown a Zhao improvement.Two national defenses are long to visit with each other with total chief of staff realization;Last year and this year Central America two soldiers hold for many times allied play allied Xun, Central America military relation of improvement, promoted both parties' comprehension and trust.And on the other hand, the China-U.S. relations also appears some unexpected obstacleses.Since the end of last year, the United States is in involving China with the territory point of dispute problem of some neighboring countries and take no cognizance history and fact, persistently partial to to some nations that take a dispute.In addition, American judiciary indicts Chinese soldier by so-called network Qie airtight criminal charges and trade to take charge of section to medium the domestic product carry out intensively

"The double is anti-" survey and sanctions, some councilmen's politicians and military authority the personage carry on to the Mainland at the public to attackstone an etc. without the reason and increased various out of harmony voices for China-U.S. relations.In fact and just if have comment on say of so:Some nations because press treasure in believing Central America and eventually making a showdown, would use some the benefits faint the Zhi of recruit Shu.The Xi near even chairman extremely values a China-U.S. relations, again and again point out Central America two country benefits the depth blend, two countries match then two benefits, the Dou then harms all, Central America the cooperation can do into the important event with is advantageous to two countries and world and Central America resist are calamitous basic facts to two countries and affirmation in the world;Put asics gel noosa tri 7 womens cheapforward two countries to Central America need again and again set up on the foundation in "not the conflict don't resist, the mutual respect win with the cooperation" the new big country relates to of consensus;Again and again advocate two countries Central America should reach high position and look, strengthen a cooperation, insist a cooperation and avoid resisting, since bring benefit to two countries, in addition help world.This time at attend Central America strategy and economy have a conversation addressing of opening ceremony in, the Xi near even chairman 9 times mentions "new big country relation" and further and definitely puts forward "promote a mutual trust, hold a direction", "is mutual to respect, gather to assimilate difference", "is equal the benefit deepen a cooperation with each other", "fix attention on people,

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